Q: Do I have to enter online?

A: Yes, you must enter online to guarantee your place. Only limited places will be available on the day, if the event does not sell out first. 


Q: How does the start work? 

A: The Biking Blitz is a "mass start" event, where categories are set off at different times. You will be asked to line up 15mins before the depart time. Super Pro riders go to the front, followed by Baggy Shorts behind. There is a 5 minute gap in between each category to avoid queues into the first singletrack trail. 


Q: What if a faster rider is coming behind me?

A: They should be polite and wait for a comfortable place to overtake. We ask all competitors to be respectful of each other and how your actions could affect the other competitor's race. 


Q: I have just registered, what next?

A: You must sign-on on the morning of the event to collect you number plate and sign a event waiver. Please arrive early to avoid the queue. 


Q: Do I need to be in a club to enter? 

A: Nope, not at all. It's actually a good way to meet people and possibly join a club.


Q: Do I need a licence? 

A: You don't need a licence for the Biking Blitz, Biking.ie cover the cost of a one day licence for you, which you get when you sign-on on the morning of the event.


Q: Can I practice on Saturday before the event? 

A: Officially, no. The Biking Blitz is a one day event, though the trails are open to the public you can ride them before hand as normal. 



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